I dusted off my old cold-calling skills from Yellowpages.com and I’m happy to report that business is starting to increase! I recently finished my first website for a paying customer and just got my second customer yesterday. I’m waiting for a response for another proposal submitted last week and have two more meetings scheduled for next week with several more hot prospects in the pipeline.

The numbers are very interesting indeed.  At Yellowpages.com I would make on average between 100 to 200 cold calls to get about three to five good prospects and maybe make one sale.  But the opening pitch was for listings and not websites.  The reception about websites is much, much better.  It’s a little more time consuming because I need to do a more research up front (i.e. checking to see if they already have a site).  But what I’m finding is that there is no shortage of small businesses out there who would love to have a website but don’t for various reasons (too busy, too complicated, too expensive, just haven’t gotten around to it, etc.). Whatever the reason, I’m ready and willing to help!

It’s fun learning about different kinds of businesses and what they do. In order to create the content for each website I have to do a LOT of research to be able to really understand their product or service and their customers. It’s also very interesting and revealing to do research into keywords and how their competitors present their businesses as well.

I look forward to growing and expanding my knowledge about SEO and Social Media Marketing (playing catch-up in these areas) and increasing my skills in graphic design and presentation. Well, for now it’s BACK TO WORK!