About Us

James Mercer, Owner We are a small company located in Southern Utah dedicated to helping small business owners increase their visibility on the internet.  We provide a simple, basic, low cost turnkey solution to your internet needs.  Our goal is to get you the best overall broad coverage for the least amount of investment.  Our solution may be for you if:


  • You want to increase your visibility on the internet
  • You want broad coverage over multiple sites and directories
  • You want all of your information to be consistent and correct
  • You want to provide relevant, up to date information about your products and services
  • You want to focus on business from your local area
  • You don’t have time to manage listings and a website yourself
  • You want to save time and money


We will be happy to provide you with a free consultation on how we can custom tailor a package to fit your needs and budget.  Contact Us Today!